Drinkbox Studios finds success on Sony’s new hardware

When Sony launched the PlayStation Vita earlier this year with titles including a new entry in the acclaimed Uncharted series, the publisher probably did not expect a sequel to a little-known PlayStation Network game would be one of the most well-received games for the system. As it turns out, that’s exactly what happened with Drinkbox Studio’s Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.

The game’s style and tone had critics raving, with one exclaiming Mutant Blobs Attack “stole his heart” and another calling it “one of the must play games” for the system.

Drinkbox Studios impresses on the Vita

Drinkbox impressed Vita owners with Mutant Blobs Attack.

A team of 12, the Toronto-based developer has no plans to grow anytime soon. “You feel like you have a lot of input and control” when working with a small team, Co-Founder Chris Harvey told me. “Everyone on the team can contribute.”

Over six months after the Vita’s release, the system is not selling well with only 2.2 million handhelds purchased as of Sony’s last update. For Drinkbox, however, the Vita is doing very well and Mutant Blobs Attack has already outsold its predecessor, Harvey said.

What little Vita owners there are seem to be happy with the game, too. “This game has more variety and panache than some $40 games,” says Reddit user Naphthos on a thread dedicated to singing the title’s praises.

The developer isn’t done with the Vita just yet either, as the studio is working on a luchador-themed brawler called Guacamelee for the system.

While Drinkbox has found success on Sony’s latest handheld, it surprised me to hear their port to Valve’s digital distribution platform, Steam, has not sold up to expectations. This puzzled me given Steam’s reputation as an indie game developer’s dream. Check back for my next post where I compare Drinkbox’s results and those of a developer who found success on the platform.



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